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About The Artist 

    Black Carriage Prints is the home of the works of artist and printmaker, Cassandra Voulo. Cassandra is based on Long Island, New York and has been studying both art and history since 2015. Cassandra's art is a reflection of that knowlege and seeks to use art to express a love for history. With a focus on architecture and landscapes, Cassandra's art is  frequently inspired by the works of Italian eighteenth century artist, Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Piranesi's depiction of eighteenth century Rome and life among the ruins has served as a frequent point of reference and inspiration for Cassandra's work. She is fascinated by the idea of what life might have looked like in the past, and Cassandra often attempts to reconstruct it through fantastical images. 

    Cassie has worked in a variety of mediums, including Drypoint, Copper Etch, Solar Plate, Linocut, Lithography, and Ink. All of these mediums have been used to depict imaginary historical scenes, sometimes with a whimsical twist, whether that be shown through scale or smaller details hidden in the pieces. Cassandra prefers to work on a small scale to allow the viewer to come close and have an individual experience with the piece and their details. 

   The name Black Carriage comes from the very first print Cassandra ever did, which was a linocut of a simple black carriage from the 1850's. Printed in 2015, the black carriage is a representation of an uninterrupted interest in depicting history through art. The piece, crudely cut and printed, serves as a reminder of how far she has come as an artist and printmaker. 

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